Module 2. The Fundraising Strategic Plan

We plan for holidays. We plan for the kids’ school year. We also plan many workdays. But, most non-profits in Australia fail to plan for the next three years. In fact, a majority of non-profit organisations don’t plan for the next three years, the next year, or, even, the next quarter.  Does your organisation have a Fundraising Strategic Plan (FSP)?

The Fundraising Strategic Plan – what is it, why do I need it, and how do I get one?

A fundraiser of three decades, Stephen Mally CFRE has developed fundraising and organisational strategic plans for countless non-profit organisations.  Think the plan is just management’s responsibility? Think again. Stephen’s methodology engages staff across the organisation and positions your organisation for strategic success.


In this second module, Stephen will offer us a planning process we can all implement at the end of the module.


Your new plan will be:
  • Focused on your key fundraising & organisational goals

  • Based on actionable steps

  • Investment-oriented

  • Focused on activities creating strong long-term funding sources

  • Mindful of the calendar, budget and responsible parties for each and every measurable activity in your fundraising department.

Whether you’re new to fundraising, or you’d like to examine your existing activities with a fresh set of eyes, this module unpacks a proven, step-by-step process for building a reliable revenue stream from your fundraising activities.


In order to develop a successful FSP, you must do the following:

  1. Understand the importance of the FSP.

  2. Review your organisation’s history – revenue, expenses, and staffing.

  3. Involve the right people in the development of the FSP.

  4. Write with clear and concise language.

  5. Create measurements for all objectives in the FSP.

What you’ll learn in this module:
  1. Importance of planning, including reasons to develop a solid FSP.

  2. Strategies to employ to create a FSP.

  3. Key components of a fundraising strategic plan.

  4. Outline of sections of the FSP, including reasons for each section.

  5. Ways to develop each section and who to involve.

  6. Expected outcomes of each section.

  7. How to measure your FSP.

Time to allow:
  • The module itself will take 60-90 minutes.

  • The planning process can begin as soon as you’re ready using the FSP template.

  • The development of your FSP may take between 6-12 weeks depending on the commitment of your non-profit’s team.

Stephen Mally


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What you get in this module:

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