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"I found the first module on market research really valuable. I very much like the practical tools to use and insights in relation to gaining customer feedback. Well done, I am looking forward to the next piece of practical learning." Sara Blunt, Chief Executive Officer, Kalyra Communities

Module 1. How to do Easy Market Research

You can spend a lot of money on market research with outside agencies, but in this module we’ve included some basic proven templates to help you conduct your own simple, affordable market research.  

(Please note: it does not include large-scale brand awareness research which can be cost effectively handled by participating in an ‘omnibus survey’ run by one of the larger private research companies.)

Why is Market Research important?

  • To achieve sustainable, strategic growth for your non-profit you need accurate information about the market you operate in. Strategic planning requires market data if it’s to be strategic, otherwise you’re wasting your time. 

  • All great marketing starts with great market research. Effective marketing, the kind with measurable, positive outcomes, is impossible if you don’t know your customer.

  • It’s too easy to waste money on marketing. You can create a lot of noise on social media and spend a lot of money on fancy billboards and websites and still get nowhere. Simply because you didn’t really know your customer.

  • Disability, aged care and other community services are essentially local businesses regardless of their operating model. This is because, from the customer’s viewpoint, they deliver a local service. So you need to know and understand your local market like the back of your hand and be able to vary your services in response to your customer’s needs and wants.


Your research must at least enable you to answer 4 questions:
  1. Where are the unmet wants and needs in your market?

  2. Where are you uniquely excellent?

  3. Who has the greatest need for that area of excellence and can afford to pay for it?

  4. What do we need to stop doing?

What you’ll learn in this module:
  1. How to conduct customer research.

  2. How to conduct competitor research

  3. How to conduct demographic research.

Time to allow:
  • The How-To’ webinar takes about 40 minutes 

  • The Competitor research may take one or two weeks

  • The Demographic research will take less than a week

  • The Customer research will take approx. 3-4 weeks.

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What you get in this module:

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