“ I love it!  It was exciting to find such great, practical content.”

 ~ Emily Umbers, Marketing & Fundraising Manager, Murray Human Services

Why Join?

Does your organisation lack any full time in-house marketing or communications staff?

Are you concerned that your marketing strategies don't seem to work?

Do you lack the time or funds to spend attending another course, seminar or conference?


The 3 key factors preventing the implementation of effective marketing strategy in non-profit organisations are:

  1. Lack of any solid in-house marketing expertise.

  2. Lack of time.

  3. Lack of financial resources.


If this feels familiar, then here are 7 good reasons to become a member

Strengthen your marketing know-how

Knowing how to identify, target and connect with your market is essential. Each module will give your team the confidence to get setup and get going.

Big access, low cost.

Save time and effort by accessing expert resources anytime, 24/7.  Our modules, templates and resources are created by industry experts at a fraction of their usual cost. And you don't have to attend any time consuming face to face training sessions to get them.

Planning for success

We'll show you how to implement strategies that deliver measurable outcomes. You will be able to measure and evaluate your success. This is not about noise, it's about smarter, targeted marketing.

Unlimited users

Your membership is for your entire organization. The content is there to be shared. Your Communications Coordinator, your Marketing Manager and your CEO will all find something of value in the NFP Accelerator Toolkit.

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Bonus Resources

This section will be updated regularly. It will include case studies, templates, tip sheets and other bonus items.

Access to an Online Community

As our membership builds we hope to open up avenues for you to network, ask questions of other members around Australia.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If, after completing any two modules, you don't believe you've already received value for your annual membership, then we will provide a full refund.

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How we see the Toolkit:

  • It's an investment in an online learning platform for your organisation to build capacity/practical skills that are required in the extremely competitive new marketplace.

  • Access to professional development is a key retention and engagement tool for staff. The quality of your workforce talent will be a key contributor to your success.

  • Every staff member must become a marketer. This means you need to breakdown the stereotypes and stigmas associated with this term and reframe what it means to market your services. Increased marketing capability builds your ability to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

  • Being part of an online Australian network you stay connected to key thought leaders in the industry sharing from their experience as well as keeping yourself up to date with what is happening in the marketplace.


Still not sure? We will never be in the hard sell business. If any of the benefits above are of interest, then we welcome your membership. If not, then we completely understand and ask that, if you have time, we'd love you to send us your feedback. Please email customerservice@nfpaccelerator.com.au with your learning needs, or how we could do better. Thanks!

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