This online toolkit is designed to help you succeed in the new customer-centric NDIS world. It will help non-profits of all sizes action the strategies from the book, How to Thrive under the NDIS, attract new customers and achieve financial sustainability.

“The NFP Accelerator Toolkit is a great resource for small NFPs adapting to the NDIS and to consumer directed aged care. Identifying new clients (consumers) and understanding their needs and wants are critical, ongoing new skillsfor NFPS in Australia.”
Rob Lake, CEO, Great Community Transport.

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About the Toolkit

The NFP Accelerator Toolkit is an online learning platform to help community based non-profits to build their  capacity and practical skills in this extremely competitive NDIS marketplace. It offers the tools you need for building long term financial sustainability.


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There are three modules available: How to do Easy Market Research, The Fundraising Strategic Plan and Smarter Social on a Tiny Budget. You can check out our bonus Resources anytime. 


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How to do
Easy Market Research

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The Fundraising
Strategic Plan

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Smarter Social
on a Tiny Budget

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